Business Imperative

Businesses that rely on salespersons who reach out large customer/consumer population through field visit, have the need to reduce the cycle-time of Order to delivery. This implies field orders have to be collected, collated and processed faster

Usually orders are collated at the end of the day when the field personnel communicate the day’s orders through various media. The real processing of the order happens when all order data are collated and this takes a significant time.

With the advent of smartphones and associated smartphone based applications, it is possible to get the data from field personnel, be it order, collections, competitive data, asset status, etc., in a near real time basis.

O2 integrates the smartphone application and central collation processes into a single solution with seamless interface to enterprise application for further processing

About O2

OrderOnline O2 is a smartphone based app for Field Force to perform their activities. Our solution offers following functions:

Distributor Field Force Functions

      • Defining the day’s route
      • Collecting orders, payments and sales return
      • Collecting competitive data
      • Enrolling new customers
      • Collecting Consumer Data
      • Collecting Stock status

Company Field Force Functions:

      • Sales Hierarchy based target management
      • Order Booking by company salesman
      • Collections and Returns from Distributors
      • In-shop Consumer Data Collection
      • In-shop representative level sales tracking


Order Booking



Collections – Web & Mobile